Hampton Preparatory School
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Art and Design


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
— Pablo Picasso

Below is a brief outline of the Art and Design curriculum for each year group. Once your child is registered with us you will receive an information pack which includes the full curriculum. If you would like to enquire online, please click here.

🖌 At Hampton, we believe that Art should be an integral part of school life, whether it is done in the classroom as part of a weekly lesson, outside as part of a History, Geography or Science lesson, or in one of the many extra-curricular clubs. Our thoughtfully designed Art curriculum will foster creativity, experimentation, imagination and an awareness of many different types of art, craft and design.

🖌Pupils will study a variety of artwork and design and use a range of tools and techniques to produce and develop their own work. Areas of study include drawing, painting, 3D work, textiles, collage and printing.

     We believe every child is an artist and our aim is to build confidence through creative play and visual self-expression so as to allow their potential to flourish. Drawing will underpin everything we do and will be the skeleton onto which we build any body of work. An expansive range of skills and techniques will be taught and will be used to develop imagination and independent creative thinking.

    Pupils experience will be taught the full range of both 2D and 3D processes. Pupils will enjoy learning and be inspired by watching our Artist in Residence at work. Every pupil will have the opportunity of exhibiting their work around the school and each week, one piece of art will be highlighted and become the ‘Picture of the week’.