Hampton Preparatory School



Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
— Martha Graham

Below is a brief outline of the Ballet curriculum for each year group. Once your child is registered with us you will receive an information pack which includes the full curriculum. If you would like to enquire online, please click here.

     Ballet forms part of the curriculum in Reception and Years 1 & 2.  The aim of teaching Ballet at Hampton Prep is to inspire and nurture in our pupils a love of classical ballet and dance, its history and traditions and associated arts.  We aim to develop physical and mental confidence and foster each child's creative and expressive instincts.  All pupils are encouraged to achieve their personal best.

     In Reception, pupils learn Dance and Ballet with a strong emphasis on creativity and imagination.  Each lesson is accompanied by a live pianist.  These very structured classes develop the pupils' physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality, using a range of movements and musical styles.  

     In Years 1 & 2 this knowledge is built on, furthering pupils' technical and artistic skills and broadening their knowledge. Teaching is based on the Royal Academy of Dance syllabi.


Co-curricular activities and after school activities are charged termly. A full half terms notice is required if your child is to discontinue any co-curricular activity.