Hampton Preparatory School



You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.
— Michael Phelps

Below is a brief outline of the Swimming curriculum for each year group. Once your child is registered with us you will receive an information pack which includes the full curriculum. If you would like to enquire online, please click here.

     Swimming is a life skill. Every child at Hampton Prep is taught how to swim for safety, as well as being encouraged to swim for health and enjoyment. Annual inter school swim galas are held, in addition to regular meets against local schools. Keen swimmers are encouraged to join early morning swim training sessions, linked with a local swim club to improve technique and stamina, and life saving skills. On leaving Hampton Prep, all pupils will be able to swim, most with a good stroke production, and to have established a love for the water that will take them into adulthood.


Co-curricular activities and after school activities are charged termly. A full half terms notice is required if your child is to discontinue any co-curricular activity.